Recognition & Rewards

Recognition & Rewards 

Dedicating your time and expertise to clinical settings on behalf of Merco is something we continually seek to recognise and reward - pride in our clinical workforce is central to our values and behaviours.  

As a Merco clinician you are part of a network which is supported in many ways such as hotel discounts, social events, mentorship, competitions and awards. Here are a few ways to get involved in Merco life.

Merco Heroes Award

It has become evident to Merco that whilst we seek positive feedback for the work you carry out with Merco, somehow it doesn’t always seem enough!

Our clinicians have contributed to the effective running of services, often against the odds, and drastically improved the lives of patients. Our team and fellow clinicians nominate one another on a monthly basis for a ‘Merco Heroes Award’. 

Referral Scheme 

Did you know that 65% of our new registrations come from referrals? We like to think its because of our reputation for doing things a little differently. We encourage you to spread the Merco love whenever possible, and reward you for doing so.

We promise to look after the clinicians you refer, what other agency can say that! 

Merco Advocates Program 

There is no substitute for knowledge and experience. We have 20 years experience in Primary Care, but many of our clinicians have several more!

We have designed an Advocates Program to help new joiners take advantage of the expertise in their area.

Being in touch with a Merco Advocate can offer you a fantastic source of information 

Most of our Advocates have been working for Merco for over 10 years.