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Role Information


Healthcare careers information and role information are provided here so that you can find out more about what each specialism does, the specific skills that each role can bring to a setting and for candidates, how to apply for jobs with us. Merco support Primary care, Secondary care and health assessment employers. 

Primary Care is care provided by GP practices, 111 (telehealth), urgent care settings, walk in centres, dental practices, community pharmacies and high street optometrists. It is many people's first (primary) point of contact with the NHS. Around 90% of patient interaction is with primary care services. 

Secondary Care relates to services provided by specialist doctors or other health professionals who generally don't have the first contact with the patient, but are referred by primary care (often by a GP). Secondary care services are usually provided in a hospital or clinic. 


Registered Nurse Band 5-9

Advanced / Critical Paramedic

Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Emergency Nurse Practitioner

General Practitioner

Community Nurse

Emergency Care Practitioner

Clinical Pharmacist

Triage Clinician

Healthcare Assistant