Engaging with merco

We love to listen as much as we like to talk. Speak to us about your staffing needs

Whether your organisation is using Merco already or whether you are considering using us for the first time, contact us and we’ll take you through the options and solutions that we think will address your current staffing requirements. We have the experience, knowledge and credibility to propose sensible and workable solutions that will allow your service to operate safely and smoothly.

Please use the details below to contact us about our supply or compliance.


Anita van Heerden

Managing Director

0208 971 9801 anita.vanheerden@merco.co.uk

Chet Panchal

Managing Director

0208 971 9802 chet.panchal@merco.co.uk

Yvonne Willis


0208 971 9808 yvonne.willis@merco.co.uk

Afifa Sardar

Compliance Manager

0208 971 9807 afifa.sardar@merco.co.uk

Alternatively, if you would like us to start working on a specific vacancy or gap in your rota click here to complete and submit a short form and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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